Friday, June 20, 2008

This Week in News....

Sadly, one of my favorite ladies, Cyd Charisse, died this week. Knowing she was in her mid-80s didn't stop me from gasping when I read the news.

I first saw her in Brigadoon, opposite Gene Kelly, when I was 10, convinced that there was nothing more beautiful than the two of them twirling amid the sea of heather in that little Scottish town. I've been hooked ever since. A mesmerizing dancer, she commands your attention with her confidence, grace, and electricity. On and off the screen, she was pure sophistication and elegance.

Be sure to catch TCM's tribute Friday night to see some of her best performances. Her dancing will make you smile. If you're already in a good mood, she'll put you in a better one. Thank you and farewell, Wonderful Cyd! I miss you!

Cyd Charisse (March 8, 1922-June 17, 2008)

In happier news, The Boston Celtics, stomped all over the Los Angeles Lakers at home to win their 17th championship, their first in 22 years. Congratulations and thanks to Doc Rivers and all of the Celtics for this magical season!


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the heartful blogger said...

What a lovely tribute, I used to love watching Cyd dance. When I was growing up, these were the kind of movies we watched in our house.