Thursday, January 08, 2009

B.J. (1999?-November 24, 2008)

B.J. (1999?- November 24, 2008)

Sadly, B.J. (Bob, Jr.), passed away in November after his brave battle with cancer. Originally found in Cincinnati amid his worldwide travels, B.J. lived among several other alley cats in the area until he met my sister. The third cat to be welcomed into her family, B.J. decided to move indoors and live out the rest of his days with them in Columbus. B.J. was a large bear of a cat. While I didn't see him as often as the other kitties, it was clear that he loved to chat and play with anyone willing. I have lasting memories of being greeted by his loud hellos and enjoying his long conversations. The group will be a bit quieter and little less bright now, but I'll keep him going here. So long, beloved B.J.! We miss you!

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