Sunday, August 02, 2009


Modify (July 31, 2009)
(Illustration Friday: July 31, 2009)

This week's topic stumped me, so I turned the markers over to The Kitties and told them to modify themselves however they wanted. (I see that some of the artistes tested out their ideas on themselves before committing them to paper....)

Norman just made himself fatter so that he could fit in more food (a practical modification, he said). I think Gordon went for some sort of late '70s/early '80s Glam Rock look. Simon--who, I should explain, has been celebrating the anniversary of Woodstock and listening to lots of reggae lately--decided to use all of the markers. The Mother Kitty sees no reason to experiment with her beautiful blank canvas. She did make one change, however, which she is convinced gives her the ultimate sense of mystery and will confuse everyone. B.J. turned himself into his favorite distant relative, the tiger. And, while I thought Comet just drew a picture of Ashes, he actually drew himself with her shiny black coat--just to see what it's like, he said. No one is exactly sure what Ashes was aiming for. She's quite pleased with that reaction and refuses to explain it.


Indigene said...

This is so adorable!

Samantha Webb said...

so cute, really lovely illu! x

AnastasiaC said...

really clever! i like the way it turned out...cute!

tusen said...

you have clever kitties :) And I know what modification the Mother Kitty made (but maybe someone else will want to guess so I'm not telling :))