Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comet (May 19, 1991-January 27, 2010)

Comet (May 10, 1991- January 27, 2010)
I'm sad to report that my sister Julie's Kitty #1 (also known as Julie's #1 Kitty), Comet, passed away in late January. Comet came into Julie's life in dramatic fashion, having been abandoned and condemned to death for no good reason! It was clear that Comet had a bad case of nerves about nearly everyone and everything (and who could blame him?!). His fear was something he struggled to conquer throughout his life. (We all remember those long few days when he ventured outdoors alone to battle bravely the elements in Julie's backyard!)
Eternally grateful to have a new, happy home, Comet became great friends with Julie, with whom his innate sweetness blossomed and his reputation for ultimate adorableness solidified. From his games of hide and seek to his squeaky conversations, Comet's presence is sorely missed. But, as always, he’ll be here, participating in The Kitties’ Adventures.
Comet is survived by his longtime love, Ashes, who thanks everyone for their support.

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