Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pikaland Artist Bootcamp

Hi everyone,

For the last few weeks, I've been taking part in Pikaland Artist Bootcamp, taught by artists Amy Ng and Jamie Shelman. Pikaland offers three bootcamp e-courses--one to find your inspiration, one to start selling your art, and one to exercise visual journaling. I skipped to the middle one, "How to Survive as an Artist Online," which focuses on branding, marketing, and sustaining your business. I don't have a business yet, but this is another step forward.

They call it "bootcamp" for a reason--I'm exhausted! But I'm learning and inspired. I'm halfway through the 4-week course.

While I'm still working on sprucing up my blog throughout the course, so far I've created a new Melissa's Kitties banner and "Mother Kitty" avatar. What do you think of them?

I've also created a banner for my future online shop. Should I call it Melissa's Kitties' Prints or Melissa's KittyPrints? I haven't yet decided, but the kitties are testing it out here:

Future Shop Banner?

One of our assignments this week is to show on our blogs the steps of creating our artwork. I'm finishing up my weekly drawing tonight, documenting the steps along the way, and will likely post it tomorrow. Until then....


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Janet illustrator said...

I like the second one.