Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Book for the Nation's Heroes

So much for my New Year's resolution to conquer the book pile on my floor by reading at least 10 pages a night. Apparently, that only works for me with books about Paul Newman.

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Stephen Colbert's I am America (and So Can You!) took me a long time to finish. By page 50, my brain stopped processing the constant barrage of information. I had to take a break to recuperate before continuing. Reading this book is tiring. It shouts at you as only Stephen Colbert can, brimming with his opinions. That's a lot to process. I recommend reading this book first thing in the morning, when you're fresh and alert and your brain is ready to take it all in.

As expected, this book is as brilliant and crazy as The Colbert Report. Stephen offers his definitive thoughts on everything from sports ("Ice hockey is training for our eventual war with the glaciers.") to science ("Oceanographers, America's safety is in your hands. Get to work on the submersible deep-fat fryer."). Each chapter includes enlightening footnotes, "The Word" commentary, a spotlighted viewpoint from an average American, and a Fun Zone activity. It's like reading a carnival.

Eventually, my head ached from trying to keep up with Stephen's voice. It may be easier to absorb when he's telling you these things during his show, but this book provides the comprehensive education. Read it if you want Stephen to tell you what to think about everything. You might want to try the audio book, though I doubt it includes all the subliminal American flag visuals, games, and award stickers that the hard-cover edition offers.

Stephen, who is still in my head, just told me to tell you that real heroes buy both. (Hey, I think this book really works!)

Long live Colbert Nation,


Buddhafulkat said...

This book had me in stitches - I love Stephen Colbert!

Melissa Connolly said...

Me too! He's pretty genius. Thanks for visiting and commenting!