Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Delivery for Johnny's Angels

Hi everyone,

As if Johnny Depp's appearance at the Grammys last week weren't enough, Johnny's Angels: Depp Fans for Charity received something extra from him a few days before.

Since 2007, Johnny's Angels has worked steadfastly to raise funds for one of Johnny's favorite organizations, Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition (CHPCC), located in Los Angeles, California. While not affiliated with Johnny, Johnny's Angels was granted permission to use his name for the cause and, to date, more than $50,000 has been raised in his honor. (You can add to this impressive total by donating here or buying merchandise through the Johnny's Angels website, all proceeds of which go to the cause.) 

Aside from its year-round fundraising efforts, Johnny's Angels conducts extra-special semiannual fundraisers for CHPCC -- one in June in honor of Johnny's birthday and one in December for the holiday season. On these occasions, fans are given the opportunity to send messages to Johnny himself! 

In December, we were asked to briefly explain why we are proud to partake in Johnny's Angels' mission by completing the sentence, "I am an Angel because...." All of our comments (with a small image, if desired) were compiled onto a poster and sent to Johnny for Christmas. Can you find The Mother Kitty and Gordon in the mix? 

I spent so long figuring out what to say and making sure everything was perfectly placed that I forgot to sign my name. Thankfully, Christine (our wonderful Johnny's Angels founder) snapped me out of it and pointed out what was missing before she added it to the poster. Our holiday efforts raised $2,500 and Johnny, being Johnny, wrote us a heartfelt thank you! Holy buckets, check it out!!!!! 

Giving to CHPCC is rewarding enough. These letters are dazzling surprises! (The signature's the best part, isn't it? Johnny and Jack Lew should have contests!) 

More thanks are due to Christine for organizing these fun projects that not only lift our spirits by supporting such a worthy cause but also give us fans the chance to reach out to our inspiration!  Congratulations to her and all of Johnny's Angels for achieving another successful fundraiser!


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