Tuesday, July 16, 2013

True Celtics Forever!

Hi everyone,

Bad things happened this weekend that I can't wrap my head around. (I'm talking to you, Florida.) Among them, the "blockbuster" Celtics trade with the Brooklyn Nets became official: So long to Jason Terry (The Jet!), Kevin Garnett (The Big Ticket!), and Paul Pierce (The Truth!). It's clear to me Head Coach Doc Rivers left for the West Coast to coach the L.A. Clippers last month as protest!

I've been sad about trades before, but this summer's transactions are going to leave a scar! Do they know they've lost one of the best coaches ever? Did they realize they traded their team captain who has been with the them for his entire 15-year career? Who will be taking over for KG in the enthusiasm/intensity department? Who will master Jason Terry's suave 'n' smooth public relations skills?

At the last minute, they threw in  D.J. White into this group shipment to cover some sort of technicality. Note, he doesn't have a nickname that I know of, and I've run out of male cats to pay tribute. Simon offered to step in, but it's best not to confuse the rest of the team because we all know who Simon really is. Instead, Mini is thrilled to volunteer because she wishes she was as big and tall as the 6' 9" Power Forward.

Farewell to these Celtic stars, who I will miss seeing in green!  You may have moved homes, but you'll always be Celtics to me!

Celtics Forever! (July 15, 2013)

This drawing was inspired by photos and many, many memories of some of my favorite people.

Paul and KG loved watching the jumbo screen at the Garden.

D.J. White, Paul Pierce, and Jeff Green have some laughs.

Before each game, Kevin always talks to the post.

During the games, he screams a lot.

Jason Terry always flies around the court after a big basket.

After 10 years, MVP Paul Pierce takes in a championship moment in 2008!!!

It was awesome after such a long wait!!!!!

And, we were all thrilled!!!!!!!!

Okay, now I'm going to cry.

Going into the 2013-14 season, let's welcome Coach Stevens, some Brooklynites, and some newbies to Team Rondoooooo!!!!!!!!! (And, keep an eye on those Nets and Clippers games, because they have some of the coolest people over there now....)


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