Thursday, March 06, 2014

Norman (1998-2014)

Hi everyone,

I'm sad to report that Norman passed away last month, having succumbed to his mounting health problems. When he was just 5 weeks old, Norman joined our family—whether we wanted him or not. He knew a good thing when he saw it and chased my sister Julie as she rode her bike down a country road, minding her own business! When she heard his frantic cries for a lift, of course, she swooped him up and took him home. How could you deny this face?

Baby Norman!
Norman was ready upon arrival.

Norman and me (2004)
This is the sum of our relationship (2004).
Over the years, Norman shared Julie's home with fellow Kitties Comet, Ashes, B.J. and Mini, and (as you know) he didn't always get along with everybody. It's clear now that they all had steadfast camaraderie. Even Ashes, who never failed to complain at the sight of Norman, was by his side at the end.

The rough exterior, bullying, and sometimes psychotic behavior that earned Norman his name masked an inner sweetness that couldn't be denied. Who can forget his dramatic entry into our lives and the early daredevil stunt he pulled, flying off the cat tower for a dangling toy without a second thought about where he'd land? (Check out my depiction of that moment here.) Then, there are all those times he curled up next to (or on) us, sharing the warmth of his silky fur coat. All Norman wanted in life was some attention, good food, playtime with his pal Liam (my nephew), and a comfy lap to sleep on. Doesn't everybody?

Well, he got plenty of it from us in his adventurous 16 years. Norman will be sorely missed, but he'll always live on in our hearts—and for as long as I have some markers and paper.

Norman (February 28, 2014)

Farewell, Friend. We love you!

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Anastasia said...

awww sorry to hear in peace Norman.