Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome, Mew!

Hi everyone,

Dan found Mew on the side of a road. She was on her way to Japan, but he convinced her to stick around.

Mew was meant to be named after the Japanese anime character Nyu, from Elfin Lied, but everyone kept mistaking it for Mew, assuming she was named after the Mythical Pokemon character. She's a little bitter about this error because she thinks Mew is too cute to fit her strong-willed personality. I tell her that, while Nyu is resilient and tough, she is a sad and dark character. Mew, on the other hand, is bright and sometimes mischievous. I remind her that Mew is the single ancestor of all other Pokemon characters, and she has mad skills: she can learn any new Pokemon moves and morph into other Pokemon characters. She's also a shapeshifter with psychic abilities, who is capable of flight, teleportation, and invisibility. She's more than cute.

Convinced by this argument, Mew follows in her namesake's footsteps. She is a daily practitioner of extreme martial arts and Samurai moves. She spends her days with her mentor Ryo-oh-ki to reap the benefits of his wisdom, learn the art of shapeshifting, and share their mutual love for everything Japanese. While she hasn't perfected flying, teleportation, or invisibility (yet), she is stealthy and likes to spy on new visitors before making her presence known. Mew is a certified psychic. She's happy to tell anyone's fortune anytime, and she can read everyone's mind, so watch what you think around her.

Mew doesn't have a lot of spare time because she's always training in her latest martial arts level, studying Japanese, meditating, or making travel plans (though she hasn't yet followed through on them). When relaxing, she listens to music and reads Marvel Comics (X-Men are her favorite.) She loves James Bond movies and, of course, Lost in Translation. Some of her favorite people include Aretha Franklin, Liam Neeson, Amy Schumer, Kazuo Ishiguru, and Bruce Lee.

Mew (January 12, 2018)
This is Mew's favorite way to say hello. 

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