Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Johnny Kitties: Celebrating Johnny Depp

Hi everyone,

Today, we're starting an exciting series! 

"Johnny, if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?"
-James Lipton interviewing Johnny Depp, "Inside the Actor's Studio" (2002)

What is Johnny Kitties? It's Melissa's Kitties' tribute to the one and only Johnny Depp.

Why? It's for Johnny Depp, of course, who deserves a tribute just for being who he is. He's one of a kind and makes us all happy! (Thanks, Johnny!) Besides, it will be fun! It's all about joy and celebration. And, it's a perfect excuse for a fantastic film festival!

The Confession Origin: Everyone finds out pretty quickly that Johnny Depp is one of my most favorite people on the planet. I think it started in 1987, a year during which something must have been in the water because it seemed that I woke up some days obsessed with various people and things, all of which remain to this day.

Maybe "obsessed," with its negative connotation, is the wrong word since I mean no harm and am, in fact, very protective. But I'm sure my family and friends would not dispute it: After all, I did wallpaper my room at the time with his photos from every teen magazine available in Alliance, Ohio. (Is "hopelessly devoted" any better?)

Johnny Depp
Johnny and I are on a first name basis. (You have no idea how weird it was for me to type his full name!) It's not because I have permission but because, once I saw him on TV, everything became defined. 

Every Sunday night, nothing was more important to me than the latest episode of Johnny's show, FOX's 21 Jump Street at 7 p.m.--until it moved to Mondays at 8 p.m. The show continued after Johnny left it in 1990, but I have no memory of it. I must have stopped watching it when I followed him back to Hollywood. And, since I'm a very loyal person, here I am 23 years later, through thick and thin!

Tattoo (March, 10, 2006)
Johnny gives The Mother Kitty a pet.
 As with most other aspect of my life, Johnny's influence has spilled over to The Kitties. Maybe it was all those times they sat on my lap during repeated Johnny Movie marathons, but The Kitties are just as devoted. Over the years, various Illustration Friday challenges have already sent them on a few Johnny-related adventures. As my dad said when I told him my latest project idea, "But you already do that." Perhaps Johnny Kitties was inevitable....

Here's what The Kitties and I are doing:

The Objective: We're working our way through Johnny's filmography from the beginning, including the TV show. All drawings will star The Kitties, and we're aiming for one illustration per film/TV project – but who knows if Johnny's performance will spark more inspiration? It's been known to happen.

The Rules:
Gordon borrows one
of Johnny's hats.
  • We plan to watch each film/TV project before starting an illustration.
  • Watching movies ahead of time before completing a respective drawing is not allowed.
  • Skipping films is prohibited. (Note: Drawings for cameo appearances are yet to be determined.)
  • We aim to feature one film project drawing here on the 9th of each month (until we're current). Also, visit my Flickr account to view the Johnny Kitties Set, which will house all illustrations from this project. 
  • Gordon has volunteered to portray Johnny in all illustrations. (You know what a fan he is, staying on my lap the longest during all those movies.) The other Kitties agreed that he was the best choice, as we've all seen his previous impeccable impressions. The rest of The Kitties and "kitty extras" will play supporting roles, as needed.
Note: Since Tigerlily arrived last November, after preparation for this project already began, she couldn't participate in the tributes to Johnny's first few films. I told her that this was okay, since they all had "R" ratings, and she was underage at the time. She's a quick study, up to speed, excited (always), and ready to go! She will join us from 21 Jump Street onward.

Start Date: June 9, 2010. (It's Johnny's birthday, of course! Is that on your mental calendars too?) Be sure to follow the Johnny Kitties series, with a new post/film tribute published on Melissa's Kitties on the 9th of every month going forward until we're up to date! 

Happy Birthday, Johnny!!! Enjoy!

First up is Film #1, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Let's get started! [See the first Johnny Kitties post here.]



AnastasiaC said...

off to a great start!! cant wait to see your illustrations....

Christine said...

Great site!! Love your work!