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Johnny Kitties: Celebrating Johnny Depp Film #1--A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

[What is Johnny Kitties? See Johnny Kitties: Celebrating Johnny Depp for all the details!]

Johnny Depp came to Los Angeles to be a musician, but when that wasn't working out as planned, he had to find something else to do to pay the rent. The girlfriend of his friend, Nicolas Cage, set him up with his first film audition, for a movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street

Looking to fill the part of "Glen Lantz," the boyfriend of the film's heroine, Director Wes Craven whittled down the candidates to three people. Johnny was among them, but he wasn't the front-runner until Wes Craven's teenage daughter had her say: 
"Daaaad! Johnny Depp!!! Oh, he's sexy! He's so sexy! He's a dreamboat!" 
"That guy? He's kind of pale and skinny..." 
"I think he's dreamy!" 

And, the rest is history. 

New Line Cinema]
A Nightmare on Elm Street became a classic '80s horror film. Freddy Krueger, a badly scarred murderer whose weapon of choice is a glove that has knives affixed to its fingers, haunts and kills his victims in their dreams. As I mentioned, Glen is the boyfriend of the film's heroine, Nancy Thompson. 

Johnny as Glen
[©New Line Cinema]

While I have a hard time watching scary movies, The Kitties and I like this one! (Apparently, many people did since there are five sequels--none of which should be confused with the recent remake.)  

Watching this, The Mother Kitty, Ashes, Lily, and I all preferred to draw the scene where Glen climbs the rose-filled trellis of Nancy's house up to her bedroom window for a surprise entrance. But we were out-voted because the rest of the world remembers Glen's death scene more than anything else. Johnny put it best:  "I get sucked into a bed and spew out like tomato juice!"

Johnny Kitties: The Johnny Depp Project: Film #1: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) [August 16, 2009]

This moment is the right choice. Who can resist that outfit?

Coming up next month: Private Resort (1985)


AnastasiaC said...

ive never seen this film - was too scary for me at the time - id probably laugh if I watched it now actually!
cant believe Johnny had no intention of being an actor! look how far he's come!

Melissa Connolly said...

Yeah, it's actually a scary/funny movie, especially with all the '80s stylin'. :-)