Friday, April 01, 2011

Meet the Kitties: Ashes

Ashes, keeping the bed warm for my nephew Liam in 2002
Ashes spent her early life in a Cincinnati cat shelter, uncertain of her future and always planning her escape. When my sister Julie brought her home, she happily found only one cat to deal with and room after room full of things to explore, climb, and possibly destroy. Every time she accidentally ruined something, she got warnings of returning to that crowded cat cell from which she came, but she could always talk her way out of that. Besides, she knew Julie was too kind-hearted to follow through with any such threats.

Ashes's bold, infectious personality is undeniable. Soon, everyone warmed up to her, including her best friend Comet. She's never understood the reasons behind Comet's shyness and spends her days trying to snap him out of it. He, on the other hand, teaches her the joy of sitting quietly for reflection. Typically, for Ashes, with some much to do and topics to discuss, there are never enough hours in the day. Some of her hobbies include singing, sewing, jewelry-making, and floor hockey. Some of her idols include Janet Jackson, Tim Gunn, and Joan Crawford.

Magnify (August 28, 2009)
"Good morning!" (Illustration Friday--August 28, 2009: Magnify)

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