Friday, October 28, 2011


Last weekend, I flew to Columbus to celebrate my nephew's 8th birthday with family. I spent this week stuck on drawing last Sunday's scene--sitting on the couch with Norman cradled in my arms, both of us enjoying one of our unavoidable naps. (When I go home, I always think of it as time to refuel.) But drawing was fruitless: My human looked more dead than asleep. And, I couldn't keep from falling asleep after only a few pencil lines (and lots of erasing) each night I attempted to make progress.

Today is the first day I've felt back to normal--a noticeable incremental change that I must attribute to yoga. The first day back to class, it was as though I'd never done yoga before and I may not last the hour. The second day, I felt a little stronger. And, yesterday, I was at about 97%. I took the day off from class today and got back to drawing with a new idea.

Fuel (October 21, 2011)
(Illustration Friday: October 27, 2011)
No wonder Lily greets me like this every time she wakes from a nap (corkscrew tale typically included). Here, she demonstrates what she calls Downward-Facing Cat using my old mat, which she dug out from the bedroom closet. (Is that why she always wants to get in there?)

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caela said...

hehe this is really cute i love his expression :)