Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Autumn!

Hi everyone,

I'm drawing in slow motion lately, but I'm chipping away at a few new pieces. They'll be posted in the next week.

To get started, with the change of the seasons, I thought I'd spruce up Melissa's Kitties with a new blog banner. What do you think of it?

Although, I meant to make a small image, it turned into a full-pager. Here's the finished product:

Autumn (September 27, 2012
(Autumn blog banner: September 27, 2012)

Look over here!
Some other updates are included in my blog's sidebar:
  • After a few months of reading nothing but magazines, I'm finally eager to pick up a book again. Amid the negative, nonstop talk about the impending election and state of the country, I hope A Reason to Believe by Deval Patrick will keep me optimistic. I haven't started it yet, but I'm on it!
  • Below my book selection, if you haven't noticed before, I list my favorite recently watched movies. Because updating this movie list has been sporadic at best, I'm now making it a monthly routine. I'll update it on the first of each month, noting my favorites from the previous month. Catch August's picks while you can. I'll update it with September's choices October 1. (How is it October already?!)
  • Scroll down a bit more and you'll see a few links to my "popular posts." It appears that Johnny Kitties will always have that title in the bag! (Of course.) Thanks for visiting, Johnny Fans! 
Old news is new again.
I updated one of my posts from earlier this month: In my tribute post to animator Chuck Jones, I added links to the list of my favorite cartoons, something I meant to do the first time around. Please revisit my post here and enjoy! 

Also, I mentioned last month that I'll be celebrating Gene Kelly's with a new blog series. I still plan to do so! But I'm finding it hard to get started when I'm still in the middle of Johnny Kitties. (I have about 15 Johnny Movies to go!) While I have plenty of ideas in my head for this project, getting them on paper is proving more difficult. Considering my day job and my need for sleep, I may not get to these drawings until next year. While I wanted to join in on the fun of Gene's centennial celebration this year, I think his wife, Patricia Ward Kelly, has that covered. Look for Kelly Kitties: Celebrating Gene Kelly in 2013! 

That's all for now. As always, thanks for visiting!


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