Sunday, December 02, 2012


I know it's Christmastime, but I'm a little behind in posting my Illustration Friday drawings. Haunt was the topic for the last week of October.

At the time, I had just seen Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and was completely inspired to create Frankenweenie Kitties.

Then, while in San Francisco, my friend and I caught a bit of Young Frankenstein, one of our favorite movies, on TV.


So, here's a mix of both: Comet is "The Monster" (with a heart of gold). Ashes is his bride. B.J. is Dr. Frankenstein with Simon assisting as Igor and The Mother Kitty providing musical accompaniment as Frau Blucher. (Oops, I set off the horses.)

Haunt (November 21, 2012)
(Illustration Friday: October  26, 2012)

Frankenweenie images  © Disney Pictures; Young Frankenstein images © 20th Century Fox

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