Monday, October 28, 2013


Hi everyone,

Meet our newest Melissa's Kitties' member, Tyrone!


He is about 2 months old and used to live in a sewer drain pipe. A good samaritan who works at the post office in Alliance, Ohio, discovered and rescued him and his two siblings and found each of them safer homes. Tyrone moved into my parents' garage on September 17.

Tyrone (10-27-13)

So far, he enjoys playing and playing and playing and playing and playing and sleeping and eating and playing. He spends most of his days exploring his new surroundings. When he venture outdoors, he fearlessly races through the yard and climbs trees. In an effort to harness his attack-and-conquer approach to flowers, Mom is teaching him how to garden properly. In the evenings, he helps Dad with his woodworking projects. When Tyrone's ready to crash, he'll find and climb into whoever's lap is closest.

When we first met earlier this month, I introduced Tyrone to all sorts of music and movies and left him some good books to read once he learns how. He should be up to speed with the other Kitties any time now. A quick learner, he has already identified Art Carney, Richard Pryor, Jackie Robinson, Dave Grohl, Mandy Patinkin, and Mohammad Ali among his heroes. (We'll get to the ladies eventually, but right now he thinks girls are gross.)

When asked recently how he likes his new digs, he responded, "It's better than the sewer." That's the truth!

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