Monday, July 05, 2010


Giant! (July 5, 2010)
(Illustration Friday: July 2, 2010)

As I have been doing several times in the last few weeks, due to the unbearable heat wave hitting DC, The Mother Kitty fell asleep during a movie and had a curious dream: Attack of the 50-Foot Kitty!

Happy July, everyone! I finished Kelly Rae Roberts's creative business e-course, "Flying Lessons," this weekend--Yay! I highly recommend it, even though I've already started procrastinating building my own creative business. I figure I can rest up while making a To Do List in my head for now.

I've also been working on Johnny Kitties: The Johnny Depp Project. (I think I have Season 1 of 21 Jump Street pretty well memorized at this point.) My next installment, Private Resort will be in a few days. 

Talking about side projects, remember that, for a small charitable donation, some of The Kitties' "Ripple" illustrations are still availableWhile Simon's and Comet's drawings are taken, you can see the remaining Kitties here. All proceeds help the animals affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill. (See The Ripple Blog for more details.) Please help--They will thank you! 


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe what a dream!!!! great work

Holly said...

Very cute and funny, cheered up my morning ^-^