Monday, August 23, 2010

Star Gazing

Once again, I'm slightly behind on my Illustration Friday drawings, but with good reason: I've been organizing my computer files, a tedious, tedious task....I see light at the end of the tunnel. Wait, may be I'm hallucinating. 

Whenever I look over the drawings I have done since 2006, "Glamour" sticks out as my Incomplete. I don't remember anything in particular that distracted me for finishing it. Was I rushing to post it by the end-of-the-week deadline? Or, did I actually believe I was done, leaving The Mother Kitty in this unobserved moment on a floating red carpet with massive stars and pastel asterisks (gasp!)  glowing overhead in a white sky? Maybe I had a cold that week. 

Glamour (January 27, 2006)
(Illustration Friday: January 27, 2006)

I originally planned to use this week's topic, Star Gazing, to finish what I started in 2006 filling in all the white space surrounding The Kitties. But, then I reconsidered. I decided to draw a new version. After all, that was 2006; this is 2010. And, you know, The Mother Kitty loves to attend fancy events. 

So, here's a different glamorous night: Of course, The Mother Kitty is the star, and Simon's along for the ride. It must be the Kitty Cannes Film Festival. Where else can she get away with that tiara and a living Siamese fur? 

StarGazing (August 13, 2010)
(Illustration Friday: August 13, 2010)

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Odd Chick said...

The stars of your blog are adorable. We have a goofy cat (well, maybe all cats are goofy) but you give them such character and zest!