Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet the Kitties!

Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to create a Meet the Kitties page for months now, and The Kitties are getting impatient. Instead of posting their stories all at once, I thought each Kitty deserved at least a day. (They again protested--saying they deserved much longer. True, but when I explained that they'll get their own page on my blog after the nine days is over, they were pleased again.) So, look forward to Nine Days of Kitties starting Monday, March 28, when each Kitty will get their close-up! Here's the plan:
  • March 28: The Mother Kitty
  • March 29: Gordon
  • March 30: Simon
  • March 31: Comet
  • April 1: Ashes
  • April 2: Norman
  • April 3: B.J.
  • April 4: Lily
  • April 5: Mini


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