Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet the Kitties: Simon

Simon, helping Dad in the garage with his latest construction job, takes a work break. 

A few years after Gordon left home, Simon showed up outside my parents' office building. As we exited the front door, he sprung out from the bushes and circled the parking lot doing a handstand on the seat of a unicycle. We took him home immediately.

With the hint of a French accent, Simon explained his tenure with the Cique du Soliel. He had to quit his high wire act after a fall that broke his front paw. On the mend, Simon enjoyed his new surroundings at our home with The Mother Kitty, though The Mother Kitty was not as thrilled. It took years, but I think she secretly tolerates him now.

On a typical day, Simon roams the yard, inspecting every change from the day before—in the air and on land. He enjoys sunbathing by the fish pond, reading and writing philosophy, and helping Dad with his craft projects in the garage. More than anything, though, Simon loves a lap. In his spare time, he continues to practice his old circus tricks and to exercise, walking in circles and making frequent u-turns. These skills have helped him score a spot as star point guard for the Boston Celtics. You may know him as Rajon Rondo, but don't tell anybody.

Acrobat (September 17, 2010)
Simon in the old days (Illustration Friday--September 17, 2010: Acrobat)

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